QX100 QX10 and try to catch his camera lens for smartphones from Sony.





Today Sony Digital Camera Day 2013 at the Sony booth at the show itself, the product of the line digital camera. The theme of the festival is the new series, the QX100 QX10 and the camera lens for use with smart phones it

price of the QX10 and QX100 out successfully then. However, there is little change in the price of the QX10 is down to 6,690 from £ 6,990

of the show in the specifics of the new mirrorless camera A3000 in the lens and NEX-5T added to NFC. , including the star of the QX100 QX10 and have to play with it

QX10’s start with the small camera sensor size 1/2.3 “size is not very large compared to the Xperia Z about it

lens before I activate a short cylinder. I press the power button (the one with NFC) to instantly turn the lens

locking rear lenses for use with smart phones. The guard can be removed it must be replaced

locks the shaft sides. Can pull off only the top one. The tug was enough to put a Z Ultra abysmal. With rubber for strength. And that Roy

turned to look around. The left lens with the shutter button. Power zoom and button next to it is a multi-port for charging. The right side has a small screen. Display battery

under the lens is mounted on a tripod screw for me

normal connection QX10 (and QX100) with a smart phone to use NFC touch, but that does not have NFC, it can be directly connected via Wi-Fi with the following: I

  1. open Wi-Fi connection and into the lens (called the DIRECT-XXXX: DSC-QX10)
  2. enter the password to connect. Password obtained from the battery cover
  3. open the app PlayMemories Mobile application will attempt to connect to your camera

. channels tray that is compatible with the memory card, micro SD and M2 on

describes how to connect with the larger paragraphs. But in real life I do not stick with it. Before I give up my mind to take a picture of

enough to actually try to juxtapose with the Xperia Z to return to the fleet. Counted from the tap NFC 4-5 seconds until the camera use camera that will display on the screen for about half a second delay

for Xperia Z buttons to adjust the volume. And the power button in the middle. Thus, the lens can be diverted to the left a bit. If the case comes with a much better

PlayMemories Mobile’s user interface made out to appease the general costly. Configuration screen also seemed fairly Parts that can be accessed easily. Compensation is to zoom out and change. The rest of the menu must not

The QX10 is available only

mode P (Program Auto), the QX100 can be higher than the Mode A (Aperture) for aperture itself

QX100 is another version that uses a sensor larger than 1 “hard enough. Zoom shorter. The positioning of the buttons. And the screen is exactly the same as the other models. So here it is-only

to experience your lens. I have a specific surface. I try to catch it soon

start shooting. Both lenses performed well in terms of quality, not to be compared to it. Filming both the lens and the camera has some limitations as follows:

  • shutter button on the lens is mounted on a smart phone, then press very hard. Because the left. (How good is considered to be a right hand holding a smart phone. Left hand holding the lens)
  • lens. Delay and on screen enough. Do the hard work that needs fast
  • configuration of the screen rarely. Can only zoom lens
  • if not the memory card. Every time I have to stop shooting to transfer files back to the camera at all times. However, if the memory card is not a problem
  • also connected with the smartphone version of the iOS apps I have are not very stable

the other problems that I own. I hear from others, it has a battery on both side of the camera. And to make the smart phones out with. Culminating with the case is unfortunately not bundled lens pair. I sold it. (Then it is considered to use it)

by my opinion and QX100 QX10 launch was very interesting in terms of the concept. But the actual use is still very limited. Fortunately, most problems are software If Sony is serious about this lens I was hoping to change that in the future

anyone to buy two versions of this lens to use. It has to be comfortable for the NFC. Still need to try that before I spent a long. (If using the new Xperia smartphone, it)



                     Cemera, Sony


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