Introduction to AMD Mantle: API graphics depth to the strength of the next generation.

the AMD GPU Product Showcase This year AMD introduced to many of the force ( R7 and R9 , True Audio ) and culminating in the strength of this work by declaring the API Mantle, who was posing as API graphics alternative with performance superior and the freedom to program than traditional API with. work on a deeper level

interface for working-level or low-level API, this API is different from that used in the current very high level graphics OpenGL or Direct3D exactly how the program will focus on the tools and commands for drawing. But for the Mantle of the language that is close to the performance of the processor GCN (Graphic Core Next) as an alternative to solve the graphics of the current is limited by the application through the API level is limited. speed drawing many objects. Can not use the integrated graphics processor fully. The channel level is considered an opportunity for developers to efficiently use hardware

Another important thrust that require a lower level API is to chip into the console market, AMD is now the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One GCN graphics chip is used primarily to extract the maximum performance of your console. Each era has come to that. Required to tune the performance of the graphics drawing and “smooth” out the hardware fully utilized. This is something that can not be done on the API level. Even now it is not confirmed that the Xbox One Mantle has the same API, but I believe that it is not much different. If true, it would make the port a game between the PC (using graphics AMD) can be easily done with the console

other side to push AMD out Mantle is a need of some game developers who want to squeeze out the full potential of graphics power. Confirmed by the first game to use DirectX instead Mantle is where AMD and DICE Battlefield 4 shared drive. However, in addition, developers DICE and most analysts. Also disagree slightly with Mantle, because the game is designed for Mantle was the off chance that it will run on other hardware with NVIDIA and Intel to lose compatibility with the API level trying for so long to be. solve this problem successfully. Critics also cited the API Glide for 3dfx period before then. Most games I chose to use OpenGL and Direct3D for hardware compatibility with a broad over


AMD is discussed thoroughly again in the AMD Developer Summit in November this year

Source: AnandTech



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