Google Search app on your phone using Card UI, sink Reminder to all devices.

In a 15-year

Google Search Google search, it updates itself several products. This is a Google Search on your mobile before you

The first is the new Google Search on Android using the Card UI successfully. Is a product of Google’s latest entry into the world of the Card UI

The second feature

Google Now to make a note to remind yourself. (Via voice commands Remind me or Remind to self) can now be combined with the iOS now (update coming soon) and we can make a note on your Android up warning device on iOS as well. Alerts can be done over the device itself

feature about a third intelligence or Knowledge Graph database that Google was developing hard during the most recent Knowledge Graph can understand our question as to whether to enter into a more “Tell me about Impressionist artists. “Google will display the name and artist of this portrait. (I normally play with Google Search Version Impressionist artists that have the same result)


features, but also about the Knowledge Graph is a comparison between the two. When you enter a command to the “Compare butter with olive oil” will see a new screen compare the image (used to update the desktop version of Google Search as well)

Source – Inside Search



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