Google being sued. I read his personal email users. To use the information in the ad.

yesterday. U.S. court allows the plaintiff to sue Google of nine people, including those who use e-mail Google. And unused. On charges of making illegal about bugs. (Anti-wiretapping laws) with a personal email users to use the information in the ads. Google has requested the dismissal because the terms of use Gmail, it has been identified that allows Google users to access personal email. But the court disagreed and litigate to

Google spokesman has said. “Google is disappointed with the decision of the court. Because the system automatically scan email content. Help prevent spam, allows users to have secure. And can also cause great features at priority inbox.

addition, Microsoft has also joined the attack on Google. By creating a web Don’t Get Scroogled and convince people to turn to instead use Outlook

Source – Reuters , Microsoft



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