Exteen team ended the role. Wood to a new team.





Exteen popular blog of one of Thailand. Announced that the team was set to transfer the obligation to “take care of the development team and the new team” after the September 30, 2556

your champion and co-founder Exteen webmaster blog that existing members would not be affected in the short term. But the decision in the long-term future of a new administration. (Which is not listed as a team or organization is) the team was all set to end the Exteen

in this period would also have information only. I have thought for a while as I explained in detail

Source – Champcpe

Bulletin of the team



Today news came

Me exteen I

after the date of September 30, 2556, for some reason made me and all the team exteen original series. Decided to send a mission to the development team. And a new team. I managed to come in

this change will not affect members of the sudden. However, the authority to decide on. Be exclusive of the new administration in the long run it

this decision is not easy. But in the long run, I think it would be best for me and the team

would like to know. With respect to

team exteen (old)



                     Blogging, Thailand


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