Bulmer admitted. Because Windows Vista can not focus on a hand made mobile.

This represented the final

Series Discussion meeting with financial analysts that Microsoft held

for this news to talk about what Steve Bulmer most deplored in his post

although Bulmer had said Windows Vista was the most disappointing , but when there is one. I asked what he most He said that in the early 2000s the company to refocus the system OS to Windows, which later became Windows Vista is thus not a good hand to make a new device called mobile phone. If the company has enough resources to allocate even a little, it will allow the development of Windows and make us better equipped to succeed in other forms (form factor)

addition. Bulmer also accepted that Microsoft could not stand it in the portable device market. But he was positive that there is an opportunity company. Companies are trying to strive every day to ensure that the company will generate revenue and gross margin (gross margin) to which one of the reasons for the purchase of mobile phones from Nokia, it is a way to ensure that Microsoft. The gross profit increase it

Source: Windows Phone Central ( 1 , 2 )



                     Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, CEO, Windows Vista, Mobile, Tablet, Nokia


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