To one! TOT 3G 365 contract MVNO customers TOT3G prepare all


TOT Corp SEGUNDO, Ltd. (Thailand) has issued a statement regarding the end of the TOT MVNO agreement with the 365 Communications Co. open after 3G 365 since last year. . since 2554, along with any other provider. By TOT that 365 Communications do not wish to renew the contract for the service. That would make a group of customers are going to be laid off 3G 365

TOT foresees suffered by any measures to help the tot will be the first to offer the service after the contract immediately. Users wishing to use the service with TOT3G to contact the Call Center 1777 to identify eligible SIM TOT3G-AIS new (to roaming TOT3G and AIS but AWN unconfirmed) and the Promotion is promotion Free. Play has started 100 and 500 MB by default on Data Prepaid Data will be added in the first 800 MB of the user who does not wish to continue using the service. Was able to walk about the camp as usual

The TOT has been informed that the new SIM will be available from October 12 onwards. During this same SIM until October 11 and the remaining balance will be transferred from the 3G 365 TOT3G from October 13 onwards it

Source – tot



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