SteamOS operating system to launch the game in the living room.

during this week of Valve owns Steam game trading system has meeting with fans that are open. new products. The slogan is “The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014” which was published in the Steam imply to break into the living room. And will be introduced to three characters together and the first time out in the open now. That it is the operating system itself SteamOS

SteamOS key features of Linux is that it is tailored to the game on Steam, especially the interface for the larger screen. Which seems to be the plan of the Valve made Steam Big Picture Mode on Linux and earlier. In order to secure the area in the living room addition, Valve has claimed. This pattern makes it possible to optimize the operating system level. This will be the best game developers

herewith Valve announced additional features to include with SteamOS

  • Family Sharing D game system
  • Family Options system for the home game. Can choose whether to play a game where I can do
  • In-home Streaming the stream of computer games. (Windows / Mac) played on SteamOS
  • Music, TV, Movies system with online media

SteamOS be available for download soon (no dates), while the remaining two products that have not been revealed what that is. There are only about two days as the countdown to the announcement again. By tracking me

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