[Rumor] Acer aiming merger with Zeus. To the survival of both companies.

report from China Times of Taiwan’s two major computer companies like Acer and Asus Prepare to merge themselves. This is a way for the survival of both companies. Amidst the unpredictable world of IT today is not exclusive to the Windows and Intel

by Johnny Shih, chairman of Asus boards. Commented that they now believe that the merger. It is reasonably possible. After earlier investors and companies for their own profit. (Must not forget that in addition to the computer. ASUS also sell DIY parts in it) but in the last two years. Sales motherboard is the main income of the company. Dropped dramatically a year. Asus decided to open Offline portable devices. To find a way to survive the company

section of Acer Chairman Stan Shin said. The company also recently released comments about the merger as well. Doing this Approach to product development, the company has increased from two technology companies. On growth opportunities in the companies it approached. Why we will not need to grab this opportunity to take it


. I have this out. It turns out that the two companies’ shares rebounded slightly. Ie share of ASUS has increased 1.69% and 0.5% increase on the Acer

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