Oracle Java 8 was also performed to confirm the schedule. Launched in March next year.

Oracle announced today. Java 8 development process that continues to be on schedule. The SE version will be launched in March next year. Development status by now. During the trial, the developer (Developer Preview) The first version features a full JDK 8 th concert c it came out in June of the past

Java 8 will have added several new features. The principal

  • Lambda : help the multicore software development easier by publishing lambda expression
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine : JavaScript is supports basic and facilitate work between languages ​​
  • Date and Time API : update of the original API
  • Compact Profiles : Java SE 8 allows manufacturers to make small technical devices
  • Cancel

  • memory permanent generation : memory for static variables declared class and to use heap memory with other This section is dedicated only to the HotSpot

Oracle has also confirmed that Java is a language that has been very popular. The organization continues to desktop in 97% run Java, with over 9 million developers worldwide, with shared equipment with 3 billion, and was ranked number one in the index TIOBE (at the press conference this Java is the second index )

Source – Oracle



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