Microsoft Surface to answer questions about the second generation.

after the launch of the second generation Surface Panos Panay, the Corporate VP of Tablet Surface and his team was open to anyone who asked questions about the new Surface via Ask Me Anything! Have the following interesting issues on Reddit

Surface 2

  • Surface 2 will support LTE in the early next year with LTE by Surface 2 will come with a GPS module
  • repository that actually works for the version sold in the U.S. is 18 GB and 32 GB of free space 64 GB 47 GB free space
  • speaker has been updated. The noise from Dolby
  • support Miracast

Surface Pro 2

  • Surface Pro 2 is a fan with two fans, but the team confirmed that the Surface is quieter than the previous generation and the hot air is less than the original version
  • repository that actually works for machines sold in the U.S. is as follows: The 64 GB 37 GB space and 128 GB version has 97 GB free space
  • support Miracast
  • display support DisplayPort 1.2 peripheral ports at 2560×1600 pixels
  • speaker has been updated. The noise from Dolby
  • pen Surface Pro can be used with Surface Pro 2
  • Surface Pro 2 is compatible InstantGo (. Formerly Connected Standby ) InstantGo feature makes the device can be turned back on instantly. And will have updated information in applications up to date


  • both Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2 touchpad supports high accuracy (precision touchpad) and use. Surface with both old and new versions
  • company confirmed that it has four colors and Type Cover 2 Touch Cover 2 is available in black color only. But the company will also sell Touch Cover Changes in current prices
  • Power Cover

  • battery will hold a second battery. It can charge Surface Pro, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2’s (Power Cover can not be used in conjunction with the Surface RT)
  • Docking Station supports only Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2


  • when someone asked about the use of Intel chips, Bay Trail via Panos said, the company did not deny this CPU options. The company is looking for options to make the best products to customers
  • when someone asks Surface Surface mini team would respond, but just that. No other company, the new device will be launched today again

Source: Ask me Anything! On Reddit



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