Microsoft Launches Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2: Light up, light up the keyboard.




launch line for Surface 2 powered tablet launched Windows 8.1 with both RT and The Pro

in terms of the product name. Microsoft is the name of Surface RT by cutting the RT to make the tablet version of ARM will be called Surface 2 unitary models x86 is appended with the Pro’s Surface Pro 2 by the original design of the machine in shape. unchanged

specification built the Surface 2 has changed a bit. Same screen size 10.6 “up to 1920×1080 pixels resolution and CPU power of more than Tegra 4 Quad Core 2GB RAM 1.8GHz frequency 25% battery lasts up to ten hours of use. But the air is thinner, lighter 8.9 mm down to 680 grams

stand of Surface 2 will have two levels 20 and 40 degrees are added to it

Surface 2

side software such as Office 2013 RT comes with Outlook RT has been added, and the Best of Skype for free calls to landlines and over 60 countries including Skype WiFi free SkyDrive space on the 200GB.

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

Surface 2 also comes with a new back cover color white. But the glass is still the same black

Surface 2 silver

side Surface Pro 2 is similar to Surface 2 is the CPU to a Intel Haswell code which allows the battery lasts up to 75%, the lowest spec model with 64GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, the maximum memory internal RAM 512GB 8GB Best of Skype certainly has the space and 200GB SkyDrive as well

Body Surface Pro 2 are down to 13.4 mm Weight 900 g at the close of the adjustable feet on two levels, as well as Surface 2

partner of Surface 2 Accessories Touch Cover thinner than 1 mm, and Type Cover with fire in the fire as well. Then there are the new Surface Docking Station for the Surface Pro and Pro 2 to add the port to connect many USB 2.0, three channels, USB 3.0 slot, port, Mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, Audio In / Out port and recharge. Wireless Adapter for snap to use a wireless keyboard. Close with a lid for a long time as people like to claim that Power Cover allows for up to 2.5 times as long and use a feature not unlike Touch Cover

kit new Microsoft Surface 2 is said to work with all versions. The older I

Cover. Whole new set

Surface Docking Station

Surface 2 Open up the 449 dollars for the 32GB version of the Surface Pro 2 from USD 899 for 22 days starting Oct. 21 in the country, but it is open tomorrow

Source – Surface , a specification from TechCrunch



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