BlackBerry recently purchased a $ 27 million jet price, although the company is still loss.

WSJ reported that the BlackBerry Monitoring financial data show that the company has purchased jet worth $ 27 million last July. This report is interesting that even though the company is in a state weight loss them. But the company is also buying a private jet for business use

for jet aircraft such as the use of the company since 2006, the Bombardier Global Express (see illustration at the news)

The BlackBerry

spokesman admitted this out. By saying that the company’s private jet is the second aircraft, but has sold out and buy Bombardier aircraft to replace the more spacious cabin. The aircraft was handed over in July. But with the current situation of the company. This aircraft was sold out. The company has no assets in the private plane

Source: BlackBerry Empire

2006 Bombardier Global Express

Global Express Interior





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