Former CEO of the Nokia Symbian to survive, to make appropriate use of WP, Elop is a Trojan horse.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (known by the acronym OPK), former CEO of Nokia during the years 2006-2010 (the previous Stephen Elop) interview with Finnish TV stations in many respects,

  • He said that Nokia tries to fight Google – Apple’s strategy with the creation of their own online service (the Ovi family of God) that runs on the Symbian operating system, but this plan did not succeed, because the technology is too old Symbian. for new applications. Applications by making these concepts difficult technically
  • decision to use Windows Phone Nokia realizes that Symbian is not saved and choice of Windows Phone concept carefully, and
  • Nokia’s problem is that he looks

  • not see the trend of change. But the nature of the organization is satisfied with the performance of their own already. Do not dare make innovation
  • Stephen Elop said he did best. And does not believe in the theory that Elop is a Trojan horse from Microsoft
  • He said the worst thing is when we do everything we can do it. But I still can not turn the back

Source – yle (1) , yle (2) via MyNokiaBlog

Note: This interview was translated by Google Translate Finnish and it may contain errors



                     Nokia, Symbian, Windows Phone, Stephen Elop


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