[IFA 2013] Samsung launched Galaxy Gear Clock trusty smart phone / tablet Galaxy.





launched Galaxy Note III comes with it for products like new in box Samsung Galaxy Gear Clock designed specifically for use with portable devices

the Galaxy Gear looks like a normal watch all respects. Touch screen 1.63 “display and comes to the conclusion of the specification is as follows: Galaxy Gear

  • CPU frequency 800MHz
  • Super AMOLED screen size 1.63 “320×320 pixel resolution (277 PPI)
  • 1.9 mega pixel resolution camera and microphone feature Sound & Shot (photography and audio) video at 720p
  • supports Bluetooth version 4.0 connectivity with low power consumption for portable devices
  • internal memory, 4GB RAM, 512MB
  • sensors. Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • a 315 mAh battery has 25 hours on a single charge 1.11-mm thick watch

    Galaxy Gear is the core of what came to be alert at the main equipment. In addition to being able to see through it, you can also choose from a Galaxy Gear Smart Relay feature a full display. On the smart phones as well. The other features. Are as follows:

  • support voice commands through the S-Voice

  • Memographer – pictures and videos of the day
  • Voice Memo – Record of Galaxy Gear then sent to the smart phone / tablet Galaxy
  • Auto Lock – lock automatically when the machine is more than 1.5 meters and unlock automatically when back in range to work with Find My Device to find the time to misplace. Can a vibrator or flashing light, cry
  • control the music on your smartphone / tablet has. (A standard feature)
  • support Pedometer step counter as to monitor data

Galaxy Gear will be on sale along with the Galaxy Note III on Sept. 25, in 149 countries and all six primary colors, the price was not announced to me

Source – Samsung Tomorrow



                     IFA, Galaxy Gear, Samsung, Wearable Computing


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