Debugger Facebook delete all the people.

your Facebook bug reports. The report found that I can use to delete delete anyone. By creating a user account, the two accounts. Then create a message asking to delete accounts created. Then led a number of anyone replaced

when sending a message to delete it. Facebook is the process of sending a message to the bank account that you want to delete a post I came. And allow us to choose whether to delete the report or not

but Facebook did not check that the post is a notification to a user’s account is informed or not. We are able to create any number image URL will then log on with the account that we set up to confirm delete

Facebook admitted that this is a real bug. And to solve problems. The report is Arul Kumar received the award from $ 12,500 to bug reports and bug a little more $ 1,500

Source – Arulxtronix , The Register



                     Facebook, Security


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