The legal authority to issue the notice NBTC. Ban sim failure.

original title Posted confusion about the legal authority to issue the notice NBTC. ban sim Fire (Part One)
article Iam Chan Chi Peacock, Faculty of Law. University


have read Dr. Net General Thaveechaiphaphum the NBTC. law (Telecommunications) has written to the newspaper Matichon Daily, 13-14 August 2556 and the second day on “the chaos of a power base. Legal Notice NBTC. ban sim off (now 1-2), “said his net, which you alluded to some scholars or lawyers movement are opposed to the ban order of a zipper. Stch.

Although you will not General

Net mentioned by name explicitly known. But since the author is a scholar or a lawyer who does not agree with the draft declaration said. It would fall into his net sales you mentioned doubtless. And may also include the faculty and experts in the law as a Master of Public Law Project. Faculty of Law University. Invited to comment or invited to write a legal opinion in the discussion over the issue of “the legal case of the termination of the concession wave 1800 MHz and Troubleshooting Guidelines” on Monday, July 29 the past

the author felt that there was a need to explain more. Arbitrary net so you realize the importance of listening to the opinions of others. Which must not be restricted to have a hearing held by the NBTC. Now also is the responsibility of the author as an organizer for the teachers and scholars, those who have, please share. Comments in such work. But was a reference to the article unfairly this time

a panel of specific legal issues on July 29, 2556

first to comment on why such a statement. Net you describe the general authority to issue notification. I put the SIM in an article two days. Introduction to the issue that the net general scattering is noted in the article states, the resolution of the Company dated 13 August 2556, first as “suspicious clue movement opposed the measures, consumer protection or SIM failure” and expand. Later that “The point is questionable why some authors. The movement expressed their disagreement with the ban order of sim NBTC. Spite of announcing a clear intent to protect consumers. Not to extend the franchise. And did not make a specific one advantage “and asking. “The figure shows that dialogue that establishes and operates in conjunction with the movement against the announcement of the NBTC. Terms of consumer protection, which was defeated by the votes of the NBTC. Has any purpose. anyway? Movement, especially once the public hearing stage of the legal framework in the draft notification. End “

the doubt to the accused, as this implied the use of reason is not the technical issues of the debate then. Also be considered as a counter to the purpose of the law that requires the NBTC. Openness to diverse feedback

the source of the seminar was to allude to it. NBTC. Prawit family whose relatives have to contact the author via the Graduate Program in Public Law. The author is responsible. The seminar was hosted by specific legislation. As an educational institution with an independent academic. To hearing parties. Concerned about “Notification of the draft broadcasting. Television business. National Telecommunications and the protection measures in case the end user license or concession contract for mobile services to be …. “

author that the organizers of the NBTC. past in this regard. Usually held hearings simultaneously. Several issues. People who join a large and diverse group of NBTC., Or other organization does not have to talk about specific legal issues draft notification. In this issue before. Both of which are important issues that are very controversial. The Graduate Diploma program. Has been to help manage the legal issues seminar held on July 29, 2556, which date shall be a time to hear the resolution of NBTC. Ago. But at the public hearings of the NBTC. Than duration. Statements “within the law”, as you mentioned in General Net article. Is only at the resolution of the NBTC. Now and receive comments on the draft declaration NBTC. States this should not be monopolized as a function of the NBTC. Sole

the seminar that day. Author has invited all stakeholders to share ideas. The academic side of law and the other representing the NBTC. Representative subcommittee prepared the 1800 MHz spectrum licenses and representative offices NBTC. Agencies concessions. Concessionaire companies. And telecom operators in every market. Faculty and graduate students of the Faculty of Law, the media and the general public, about 100 people (according to the capacity of the meeting room)

but it appears that the NBTC. itself even invited. But it did not pay attention to a comment or even send an official representative to exchange information or comments whatsoever. In contrast to written questions regarding the alleged irrational. Critics complained that the lack of understanding of the problems and the allocation of telecom spectrum. Both have shown clearly that the meeting was a major seminar on the legal issues and the organizer was invited to come to exchange ideas on the legal principles governing correct as well. But not the

a seminar on the legal issues, especially like this. It is good for the consideration of the NBTC. Approve or not to approve the draft announcement. To those with more prudent side. I will have to consider a different variety. The author himself has edited issues of the seminar that day, prepared a report summarizing comments and legal reasons submitted to the NBTC. Everyone keep up the NBTC. Held on August 14 (a copy of the book. Project No. .0516.12/1472/56 Ministry dated August 13, 2556)

wrote a flurry of power, or about the chaos of the film business?

when reading your description of the reason for his net and. The author saw no need to mention all the issues, because the writing is some conflict. Some other way to understand the laws that do not meet the rule of law. The proposed solution, technical issues, it is a comment on some, such as the so-called Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or how roaming with other operators with frequency 1800 MHz or Even the transfer of service users raised a lot. For example, comments and proposed solution in

in which the author will be asked to comment on the content you write arbitrary net in two articles that date. Only the main ideas are as follows:

  1. omissions not recall frequency

rather the point. Legal issues relating to the concession agreement between CAT 1800 MHz with True Move and Digital Phone CAT’s problem is not about the interpretation of the role of the sector. BT. narrow that broad differences try to claim otherwise. And it’s not about the people wanted to fire or not fire at Sim said: “Groups that support this approach are that the NBTC. Continue to do what is not. Must allow the consumer to get action. Sim will turn it off if the NBTC. Would risk anything to the offense … “is misleading or wrong conclusion on your own net DC

a legal opinion on a major issue in the meeting held on 29 July was the NBTC. administrative organization established by law. Be operated in accordance with the Constitution and the law, both by intent and by writing. As a control measure, the Regulatory Commission (regulator) that, in any subject. Be contrary to or inconsistent with the Constitution and the law does not. Inform those involved in telecommunications since the early 2550’s Constitution Act 2544 and the Telecommunications Act and the Radio Frequency Allocation broadcasting. Television Telecommunications Act 2553 and are intended to be the transition from franchise to the license as soon as possible. In order to have fair competition, which will be of benefit to our country and people

however. During the adoption of the Constitution states that the entrepreneur who has the rights to spectrum use by law pending the constitution has therefore provided the conditions in the transitional provisions to protect the rights of the business or assets of the telecom operators in the period of change. past Recall that the spectrum allocated to it. Must not affect the license or concession contract lawfully made before the date of the promulgation of this Constitution. Concessions or contracts will be allowed until the end result. And the law relating to the telecommunications company. Including telecommunications master plan was to follow this approach for years. (See details in the report’s summary of the discussion on page 16 onwards) “

the NBTC. is required to prepare them for all aspects and by measures like the constitution and laws considered all treated early. And during all lawful measures that NBTC. Had to choose the most appropriate measures. All this will have to be completed before the end of the concession

notification given to a mobile phone service even further leases will expire by the Constitution and laws because they do not like in this Constitution and the law is written clearly. On the license or concession contract is ended. The right to operate on the frequency of the concessionaire agreement ends. And the spectrum management master plan. NBTC. Need to restore back the waves. this provision binding the NBTC. need not take any action. Which have the effect of extending the use of the spectrum by the contract it out to another. Whether permanent or temporary , which all parties are aware of this principle in Telecommunications from the start. Both hold the same wave and operators awaiting the allocation of new spectrum auction. Including facts about the period of the contract expires this year. And hope that Thailand will sign a full license in 2561, the year after the year the contract expired last edition


omissions not recall the waves. Or to rule out any measures. That have the effect of extending the period of the wave out of contract at the end of the age. It is an act that is against the constitution and the law. Whether the measure or rule that whatever name. Otherwise, the country will not see the light at the end of the tunnel that will be conquered Login actual license when exactly the NBTC. Citing the need for this in the future. And discretion in the implementation of the provisions of the law resulted in no binding force

this is not the interpretation that the difference between the theoretical with the practical. Or who then interpreted the ban sim sim failure or outage. It is written in the Constitution Act, the Telecommunications Act 2550. And the Frequency Allocation Act, from the beginning, and all parties have mutual recognition throughout

Note The author suggests that this is a topic that may be of interest. And beneficial to the community blognone has sent down this article. By My permission from the author to publish successfully



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