Mighty No. 9 successful fundraising, and games can be made into a new era. If the demand is large enough.





Mighty No. 9 new game’s creator. Rockman / Megaman raised 900,000 dollars to complete successfully takes only one day to waste. And also the reason why this was not done Atetam game console generation. The game will be out over the forest and into 2015,

to this question is the key to Keiji Inafune himself to answer. By saying that the PS4 and Xbox One is to reduce the cost down. Due to the unfamiliar in development on a new game. And the cost of device development


answer Inafune was not quite able to close. He said to get comments constantly. If there is enough demand. His team may be changed to make Mighty No. 9 into a new game, it is

the peak current funding Mighty No. 9 now at 27.1 million, close to Unlock Mac and Linux versions already (Oppenheimer console application for the $ 2.5 million it)

Source – VG24 / 7



                     Games, PS4, Xbox One


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