Android 4.4 will have a KitKat.






world of Android Jelly Bean, with many models from the 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 until many people wonder when Google will release the next major version of Makin. And the estimated time for the Key Lime Pie, but today is a good Sundar Pichai executive of Google, often acting debut on Chrome came out tweets sculpture, Andrew Roy, the new facade. Google becomes a KitKat chocolate wafers shock we see it everywhere

no news that the statue already. Google will launch Android 5.0 is really like

update : This web page for Android announced it as a model. 4.4


– + Sundar Pichai

for KitKat himself out the front page together with the application form. Android is a Page I

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<a. by Kit Kat .



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