Windows Phone’s market share increased to 8.2% in Western Europe.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s share of the smartphone market during May – July 2013 statistics interesting is that Windows Phone’s market share increased a lot in Europe

if the five Western European countries as well (Germany Great Britain France, Italy, Spain), the proportion increased from 4.9% of Windows Phone. on the same period last year to 8.2% this year, while the remaining 6.7%, down from BlackBerry 2.4%


by the Windows Phone market share as high as 11% in France, Great Britain 9.2%, Germany 8.8%, while in other regions. Mexico also has a remarkable 12.5%, Australia 7% of the country is rarely penetrate the U.S. and China 5.3% 2.4%

overview of the global market is also integrated by occupation Android Android’s share of the five European countries with 69.1% (up to 89.9% in Spain, Germany, 76.8%), and China 70.5%, while iOS is best done in the U.S. market. is 43.4%, followed by Great Britain and Australia 31.1% 28.1%

Source – Kantar



                     Windows Phone 8, Market Share, Kantar Worldpanel, Mobile


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