Meizu MX3 launched large-screen 5.1-inch, eight-core Exynos CPU of Optometry, the maximum capacity of 128GB.





smartphone manufacturer China’s Meizu smartphone launches new flagship model Meizu MX3 as Ron refers to earlier by now shifted to the screen size of 5.1 “by mute before the a few days

MX3 design also looks similar to its predecessors. The obvious difference is that this version is only 2.9 mm between the screen edge and the Wolfson audio chip such as a driver to help

specification MX3 other arrangements that are in top level comparable with the Galaxy S4 as follows:

  • Screen Size 5.1 “Resolution bizarre 1800×1080 pixels (411 PPI)
  • CPU Exynos 5 Octa (5410 Code, like the Galaxy S4)
  • resolution 8 megapixels rear camera aperture to f/2.0 and chip Fujitsu ISP that help accelerate the rapid shooting up to 20 frames per second, 2-megapixel front camera
  • with generation capacity ranging from 16GB to 128GB
  • capacity 2400 mAh battery 9.1 mm thick, weighs 143 grams

    Meizu MX3 Flyme 3.0 operating system, it comes with additional features for gesture comes to 324 at 1,579 points, including the right to add features like AirDrop and filters come with new camera

off that price. Lowest capacity 16GB model open at 2,499 yuan (about £ 13,000), while the 128GB capacity with 3999 yuan price jump ever (about 21,000 baht)

Source – Engadget



                     Meizu, Mobile, China


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