BlackBerry Forums dream survive if companies turn to specialized markets.

Bert Nordberg, CEO of Sony Ericsson, the former and current board of the BlackBerry interview with Wall Street Journal that the BlackBerry can survive in the long term. Not be sold to anyone. But I have to reduce the size of the company and their specific market (niche company) for secure communication – for internal use

Nordberg said that if the BlackBerry will choose to walk this path, I have to sell some off. But he did not deny the possibility of other types of business, such as the sale or joint venture

He said the act is a niche company determined to choose this path, which in the past had a dream BlackBerry is much greater. But in fact, the battle with Apple – Google – Samsung. It’s not easy

Nordberg is currently

special committees within the board of the BlackBerry solution for business with. He said that the committee because of his experience at the Sony Ericsson to cut the cost and selling shares to Sony Ericsson’s business until the final return is the same

Nordberg said that when he was CEO of Sony Ericsson, he decided to leave the business in a very simple feature phones. And turned to the smart phone using Android only ( old news ), but because the situation is very clear. different instances of the BlackBerry because BlackBerry’s security features embedded in the software yet. Changing the operating system is not as easy as the Sony Ericsson

advantages of the BlackBerry is now a lot of cash on hand. And no debt at all. But the product is a very strong fan base with mobile keyboards a lot. He hopes to find a solution in the near future

Source – Wall Street Journal



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