The design of the HTC team, was arrested and charged with stealing trade secrets about Sense 6.0.

HTC seems the resignation of the latter will not be from the deteriorating situation alone perished. After a few days I have found that a former high-level design of the HTC people were arrested. The suspected theft of trade secrets before HTC to quit

people were arrested at this time, there were five cases. The three who had been a major in the department, including the design of the HTC Thomas Chien, vice president of product design, Wu Chien Hung, Director of Research and Development, Justin Huang, senior design team. The five people accused of file-related interactive interface of HTC Sense 6.0 in the future and share it out to external email. Which were not identified as relevant to the company’s plans to redesign the name Xiaoyu much

addition to stealing trade secrets then. The three key will also be revealed that it paid a commission from a third party to collect bill payment for HTC One is designed for more than 334,000 U.S. dollars. And divide the money among themselves to the design team within the HTC One time

Cher Wang of HTC women’s board filed to the Taiwan Bureau of Investigation to know since Thomas Chien resigned to set up a new company. But when asked about the progress of this issue with representatives of HTC, it has no information about the case to me

Source – Engadget



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