Mighty No. 9 game creator Rockman started funding through Kickstarter.





Keiji Inafune, creator of the game series. Rockman / Megaman from Capcom, who resigned to open his own new company called Comcept presents a new game. Mighty No. 9 and the funding through Kickstarter, and

Mighty No. 9 The game is 2D side-scrolling. Rockman constant aura of so much character in this game named Beck robot No.9 uninfected mysterious virus. Struggle with the 8th and another robot can take an enemy’s weapon used. In addition, Beck’s body can also be adjusted at any time to add new capabilities to the

team building games, almost all had experienced game developers Rockman and many people had joined the team since the first Rockman

game Mighty No. 9 are specific to the Windows platform only. The other platforms. Would consider doing in the future. Expected to be completed in April 2015 that the game

Source – Kickstarter via IGN

Mighty No.9




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