Good sign! 4K TV Sony and Samsung cut prices by more than $ 1,000.

as the manufacturer and the equipment to support high-definition content with Ultra HD (or 4K) and sold it to both the player and cell phone, but it seems that consumers like us. Are not ready to pay that much

then began a good signal from the manufacturers that we have hope and then some. After two major television manufacturers Samsung 4K. Sony had a sale and I have worked together a large high-definition television. In the model screen size 55 “adjustable down to $ 1,000 now price of Samsung UN55F9000 It is 4,499.99 dollars (about 144,000 baht), the Sony XBR-55X900A at 3999.99 dollars (about 128,000 baht)

The more expensive version

screen 65 “lower than the $ 1,500, yet the price still stands at 5,500 to 6,000 dollars anyway

Although the price of television

4K lower is still beyond reach. But it is a sign that manufacturers are adjusting for a reasonable price, as well

Source – The Verge .



                     UHDTV, 4K, Sony, Samsung, TV


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