[Rumor] AMD delayed Kaveri and Kabini marketed to the year 2014.

APU is AMD’s next release is scheduled for later this year. The latest rumors indicate that AMD has a problem in the manufacturing process so that the chip will not be available Kaveri pace this year. But to advance to the next year instead. In terms of duration and Kaveri will move soon. The first series of products. Manufacturers have to be delivered later this year. But retail chip and then have to wait for the next year

Kaveri APU for mainstream sales, most of the AMD FX family of chips is about 70%, while the AM3 + socket has a share of around 30%

for low power consumption and small size. Now AMD Brazos 2.0 is marketed with a plan to upgrade the Kabini this year as well. The latest rumor is that Kabini also be postponed until February next year. The retailer announced in March

major plans of AMD is the HSA (Heterogeneous Systems Architecture) which combines the CPU and graphics are homogeneous. CPU will have to wait until later to Beema Kabini, which we should have seen it in recent years. 2014-2015

Source – Hot Hardware , DigiTimes



                     AMD, APU, CPU


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