Google came back with a SQL database F1.

current NoSQL database system that many companies are trying to upgrade the database during the last few years. Google it yourself in Google App Engine using GQL but it is not even similar to SQL. across the table, but can join in on the financial system and a lot of money off of Google AdWords is a need to develop SQL

F1 system design conditions that must be distributed with the same load at the same time to support NoSQL ACID to guarantee that the amount to be precise. And because the business side is the need to support the full SQL

F1 data distribution across the data center. By the load that will be selected to connect to the data center. While each center will have multiple servers share the same storage system, the storage system to guarantee Spanner storage of backups. And distribution

odd one point of F1 is the internal storage is a nice build. (Hierarchical) relationship between tables rather than linked with a number of tables in the join table is in the same structure, it is much better

GI talked F1 since last year. But this year has just published a report that is designed to offer more Very Large Database (VLDB) 2013

Source – The Register , F1: A Distributed SQL Database That Scales (PDF)



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