Sergey Brin and his wife separated. I have a new employee at Google.

Sergey Brin co-founded Google. Estranged wife Anne Wojcicki married after six years and have two children together, the (not yet divorced in law)

source of the AllThingsD Web site also provides information that Brin had a new relationship with one of the Google employees. But the story is complicated by GI staff have had a relationship with one of the Google employees. (Not sure about Hugo Barra or not. May be a different case, do it)

Brin reportedly told estranged wife well. And if the two divorced, it does not affect the share of Brin of Google, because before the wedding, the couple entered into an agreement regarding the property before, however, the couple had a common company 23andMe’s Wojcicki made the test. DNA Foundation and Brin Wojcicki Foundation, too, which a spokesman for the couple said that they would continue business as usual

Anne Wojcicki, is the sister of a female executive Susan Wojcicki of Google. (And is one of the first female employees. Google is still with the company after Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer resigned)

Source – AllThingsD.



                     Sergey Brin, Google


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