[Rumor] Windows Phone 8 GDR3 support equalizer, independent and have a Quick Settings.

WPDang site reports that Windows Phone 8 GDR3 to accommodate the volume had already detached. After adjusting the volume from Windows Phone 7, will apply to all functions and applications. The source did not disclose the details of this feature (such as a separate volume adjustment does) GDR3 The Quick Settings page, the user is able to adjust the settings that are used regularly quickly. But Microsoft has not concluded that the appearance of this function would be

WPDang also stated that sources can not be found in the notification center GDR3 beta testing internally. It also states that Microsoft has not concluded that this update is what features or changes

earlier news is a new thing on GDR3 feature – turn off the automatic screen rotation, driving mode, and support for new hardware screen. 1080p and newer chips, etc.

Source: WPDang a Neowin



                     Windows Phone 8, Operating System, Rumor, Microsoft


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