Order and design through Moto X Moto Maker without using Moto X Card including the uniform contract!

the website Moto Maker by Motorola is available for order in the Moto X design. From Friday’s ago (23 August 2556), where the first phase requires the purchase Moto X Card from the center of the AT & T before the serial code was to design and order Moto X. Another site that

Moto X website has been designed and ordered through the website without Moto X Moto X Card from the past 27 days. And also the Moto X design and order a contract with a $ 579 price tag for the 16GB capacity and $ 629 for a capacity of 32GB


it. Despite ordering a contract Moto X machine purchase is still restricted for use only on the network of AT & T anyway, which means that in case you want to take Moto X machine to take it on. other networks such as T-Mobile, you will need to unlock the service center again. The study by I found a way to short the normal case is that you have to use the pre-paid AT & T for at least six months together (according to AT & T ) to be done to unlock the phone with AT & T that allowed excluding the other. Such claims do not need to leave the country and return to the normal service will be considered to

eliminates the need to wait for Developer Edition (black and white) next to it

Fellowes PS I tagged myself really

Source – Phone Arena .



                     Moto X, Android, AT & T, Motorola


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