New Nintendo launched the Nintendo 2DS affordable wireless portable screen using three-dimensional fold it.




bowled well again for the New Nintendo launched a new version of the game and cut the bolt cut on the 2DS is a tricky one to care for three-dimensional display without glasses off

the three-dimensional cutting out. Balancing machine with a different game in the series to make the 3DS a significant single piece is not folded. But the screen size is the screen on the 3DS version 3.5 “screen bottom 3” of the other features like Wi-Fi, Spot Pass, Street Pass and play DS games it also works exactly like the previous version. The rear camera also doubles as a camera for three dimensional imaging but need to add buttons to the 3DS instead for Sleep replace the iconic off-screen away

from issuing a 2DS

see it does not mean that Nintendo Wii will hit all away because of the three-dimensional 2DS likely to capture a wider market opening price of just $ 130 only (approximately 4,000)


day sales as well, as it was announced on October 12 … same day as Pokemon X / Y me fishy

Source – Gamespot



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