Lisa / S automatic flight control system, the smallest in the world.

an unmanned aircraft (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV) has been down in recent years. It has been popular in other applications. In addition to the military. Earlier the aircraft control software is open source before the name Paparazzi but now it has been developed. hardware and open source Control aircraft out in the name Lisa / S

Lisa / S board microcontroller is a small, lightweight (size 2×2 cm Weight 2.8 grams) on board with the necessary hardware for the entire control aircraft gyroscope (the inclination), accelerometer. (Accelerometer), barometer (height), GPS, and other motor control system, a set of 6 core CPU Cortex M3 flash memory and 16KB and 512KB, only the lack of communication, information must be added to the

board was developed by a team from the lab MAV (micro air vehicle) at the University of Delft, the Netherlands. It is designed to be installed on any aircraft. Wing aircraft (fixed wing system or aircraft in general), a miniature helicopter, to Pedro and four propellers. The main aim of the design is the need to be so that students can learn from the reality. Because learning to use simulation software is the most

Forum Lisa / S Development Company 1Bitsquared if purchased directly will start selling early. previous price of $ 230, but since the board is open to other companies, it can be used to produce sales

Source – Wired



                     Open Source, Hardware


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