Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Support for WP8, Multi-Shot, Speech-to-Text.

notes app Evernote updated version of Windows Phone underwent additional features as follows:

  • support Windows Phone 8 and
  • Multi-shot. When the camera mode to shoot it down notes. We can capture multiple images in continuous mode the camera. (Taken from the original frame. I need a new camera every mode)
  • Slideshow. Features because the features first. When taking a picture. These pictures can show a slideshow
  • Speech-to-Text. This is not straightforward. Recorded and converted into text
  • Auto-titles. Guess the name of the note automatically. Ideal for lazy people named

those who do it themselves I download from Windows Phone Store

Source – Evernote



                     Evernote, Windows Phone, Mobile App, Windows Phone 8


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