Apple Developer AlgoTrim acquisition technique for data compression.

Apple experts AlgoTrim acquisition of digital data compression. Without disclosing the value of the contract

AlgoTrim a company located in the city of Malmo, Sweden, starting from the development of algorithms for feature phones. Contribution before expanding into the smartphone device. It employs only two people is the end Dr. Anders Holtsberg the signal processing of the submarine sonar. Commissioned to do the software and Martin Lindberg, who had worked on the research for radar image processing. Served as CTO

AlgoTrim Portfolio interest is the software decoding image data in the galleries of the Google Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, including compression information for the firmware in order. The new update of the Android smartphone manufacturer some

though Apple refused to utter the real target of this acquisition. But we would not have guessed that Apple would benefit from the work of many AlgoTrim Whether the App Store to support various applications. Data transmission up Berkhamsted apps and software and firmware. As well as Apple’s own software to load the data or images. Displayed faster because of the smaller size of the data compression technique itself

Source – TechCrunch



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