New Intel compiler for Android for free.

Android NDK that usually comes with GCC for ARM and x86 compiled code even if the developer is not popular because it compile x86 machine usage is minimal. But Intel is still trying to turn the Developer compiled x86 code is to get the maximum performance. And problems with Intel chips less

Intel released the latest Intel C + + Compiler v13.0 for Android applications out for free. Using the compiler in NDK normally have Intel C + + Compiler is expensive. The start is at $ 699, or about two thousand baht Intel argues that the free download is limited time offer only

compiled dealers are limited to use with only a NDK to compile the application as normal. And now only use it on Ubuntu 10.04 and 04.11 as well. If anyone wants to take on Windows and Mac Intel will have to wait for that to come out or not

Source – The Register



                     Android, Compiler, Development, Intel


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