Moto X IHS iSuppli said the cost is more than seven billion baht

recently dissected body parts and see the possibility of the Moto X a few days. Professional appraisal is an IHS iSuppli revealed a rough price of Moto X, which debuted at 221 dollars (about 7,100 baht)

most expensive part is the screen size of the Moto X 4.65 “from Samsung that cost 64.50 dollars a minor chip processor Snapdragon S4 chips used in conjunction with the X8, Motorola’s own cost. the 28 total medals with two chips from TI makes the X8 at around 32-33 dollars there. The rest of the sensor chip and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and combined for about 43 dollars

interesting part is the cost of the machine is around 12 dollars more expensive of the machines in China, which cost about 4-5 dollars more because of the change to Made in America

appraisal of generation capacity is 16GB at $ 199 and a contract to sell 579 dollars on empty

Source – AllThingsD



                     IHS iSuppli, Moto X, Motorola, Mobile


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