Microsoft Windows 8.1 applications and open up the Windows Store on October 18.

Microsoft announced a call for developers to Windows 8 will be able to get the app updated to run on Windows 8.1 up to Windows Store, the same day that Windows 8.1 was officially launched (18 October. simultaneously worldwide)

but on this Around Microsoft does not distribute RTM version released to developers before the actual test make. developers need to test applications on Windows 8.1 Preview replace Microsoft recommends that you download Visual Studio 2013 Preview to test the apps before temporarily ( document to port apps from Windows 8 to 8.1 )

original Windows 8 apps will run on Windows 8.1, all without having to edit anything (and using the same app ID) but I want apps to accommodate the new features of Windows 8.1, it must be prepared to add some features.

Source – Windows App Builder Blog , ZDNet



                     Windows Store, Windows 8.1, Microsoft, Development


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