VMware launched vSphere 5.5, VMware NSX, VMware Virtual SAN.

VMware VMworld 2013 event, new product launch cycle upgrades this year. Most importantly, the software is released vSphere 5.5 added features such as

    Supports a PCIe SSD

  • change without shutdown
  • support Reliable Memory for servers that can determine if a particular memory. “Reliability” is
  • supports power management turned off (C-state) for clock management. (P-state)
  • vGPU supports both Intel HD and AMD Radeon from NVIDIA
  • Add Driver to

  • vGPU with Linux supports Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 17, and RHEL 7
  • vCenter supports Single Sign-On through Active Directory
  • vShere App HA to check the length of the application, the application to the new length. Or restart the computer if needed
  • vSphere Big Data Extension is used to manage a particular node is a Hadoop
  • supports VMDK file, the maximum size of 62 terabytes, a 40 gigabit per second network card

    addition to updates for VMware vSphere in VMware NSX platform to launch a virtual network in the structure of the network management system to the VMware software. The security management then Pa load distribution by NSX is actually sold in the fourth quarter of this year

VMware Virtual SAN storage management, distributed systems that rely on disk in the server itself to create storage space. The total cost to the Virtual SAN is a free open beta in the third quarter of this year

final issue of the certificate to the certificate VMware VMware Certified Associate (VCA), including another three VCA-Cloud, VCA-DCV (Data Center Virtualization), and VCA-NV (Network Virtualization) for certification before introduction. VCP to upgrade their knowledge to the next level

Source – VMware , VMware vSphere (PDF) , The Register



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