Surface 2 appeared in the ad.

AdDuplex focused ad network ads on Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps call statistics reveal the popular device of Windows 8 with the Windows Store I found from the 393 used AdDuplex SDK

Popular accessories

one is Surface RT (9.5%), followed by HP 2000 (3.2%), HP Pavilion g6 (2.9%) of the Surface Pro 7 is the share of 1%

but important information that the news is reporting that AdDuplex see the device name. Surface 2 (not using the name Surface RT 2) with Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro began to appear in the database. The latter case is not clear that it is just a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1, the first to be

addition AdDuplex also said that Nokia’s tablet reappears in several versions, including RX-107, RX-108, RX-113, 114, 115, 116, which seems to be a small version of Sirius Tablet the news recently

Source – AdDuplex



                     Surface, Microsoft, Tablet


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