Google removed the lock on the internal network Chromecast intently?

Chromecast. Launched a critical feature is the video from the server by sending commands from the phone instead of sending image data from the phone directly, like other technologies such Miracast, WiDi, or AirPlay, but there are developers trying to develop features similar. replace. Last AllCast developers that Google was trying to turn off third-party developers to add features like this have deliberately

Koushik Dutta stated that the last update was around the second time Google has blocked the file from the network. And the possibility that Google may limit the videos to play on Chromecast have to come from sources that are certified by Google only. They recommend that everyone stop buying plans until Chromecast see a clear policy on this from Google

Google out on this issue that the company wants to work with the media to Chromecast more. To accommodate the media and from the internal network as well. Changes in the SDK in the first period, this will also have a higher change of status until the SDK is a developer preview today

Source – + Koushik Dutta , The Verge , PC World



                     Chromecast, Google, Development


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