[Rumors] Apple A7 chip supports 64-bit processor, 31% faster than the original version.

just have to meet code Apple A7 chip in iOS 7 earlier this month. This has further set out by the anchor Clayton Morris is a Fox News Channel tweets about the chip Apple A7 to hear from another source

data into easy to understand numbers. The chip, this new version is the superior version of the original 31% interest is Morris stated that chip now supports 64-bit with rumors earlier that the CPU dual core is enough to make. We see more and more clearly the Apple A7

Apple A7 to support 64-bit applications on the iPhone / iPad can not see the difference from the previous version (usually apple stuffed RAM is not a lot of capital already) to look beyond that. Apple may have plans to use the chip Apple A7 with another device that is larger than it is

side molding and ARM announced a new architecture that supports 64-bit ARMv8 from Year 2011 recent progress is The first chip set it. But it has been used as early as the year 2014 (or late 2013 if the lights come up)

Source – VentureBeat



                     Apple, Apple A7, SoC


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