[Rumor] Steve Bulmer down from the CEO position earlier than expected because it forced Microsoft Forums?

this news contradicts earlier Steve Bulmer prepare for a successor since 2010? . In some respects it

site AllThingsD cited sources inside of Microsoft’s many. Stated that the announcement of his retirement Bulmer previous week. Occurs abruptly than expected. (And the company’s efforts to prepare for it)

source said Bulmer not intend to retire soon, but the board of Microsoft (with Bill Gates as president) decided to postpone plans faster. Bulmer, who also agreed with this plan

AllThingsD. Wrote a letter of support from Bulmer announced plans to retire. Which he wrote that was originally intended to retire the middle. During the transition to the equipment business – services (from reorganization announced last month, )

My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our transformation to a devices and services company

now in the news, Microsoft said Gates was with Bulmer might break it. However, sources told AllThingsD that the two problems together. Gates did not Bulmer forced down. But retirement did not Bulmer thwarted as well. Unlike the days before Gates Bulmer full support as CEO of the company. Rejected the proposal of the board and others. To recruit CEO to always

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