Reveals stable than Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 stable on Windows 7 in several points nearby.

Paul Thurrott Post columnist famous product of Microsoft, report in the same way site ZDNet to state that Windows 8.1 RTM (release to manufacturing) and Microsoft was a hardware manufacturer to experiment with their own products, and

Thurrott Windows 8.1 also added that the development is not completed exactly. By Microsoft to take from RTM until GA (the company will release updates to the consumer) that works with hardware manufacturers to improve at some point. By Microsoft to release updates the Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) through Windows Update within three days from the current GA and deliver updates to the hardware manufacturer to install the new equipment to be sold to customers

that Microsoft released a software patch status to RTM to decay before GA status, it is no surprise whatsoever. The company has been doing the same with Windows 8/RT but the time between RTM and GA for two months, then it raises the question as well

Thurrott also claims to merge within Microsoft, written by Jon DeVaan vice president that he hoped to be more stable than Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 is stable on Windows 7 in a nearby point of this post said that the micro. Soft admitted internally that Windows 8 is not stable as Windows 7 (but the company did not admit it in public) The Thurrott also claims that the instability caused by apps Windows Store (apps and Metro) Microsoft. Soft is the Mail, Calendar, People and Photos etc., and it is expected that those apps that come with Windows 8.1 is more stable than this

Thurrott also mention a major milestone for Microsoft in the future as follows:

  • new hardware sources say. In addition to Microsoft, then Nokia is the only partners that will bring Windows RT 8.1 used by Nokia to launch tablet, the first of its soon the hardware manufacturers, the other is. announced the launch of new hardware that comes with Windows 8.1 in a few weeks
  • plans for platforms Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One close and more , but are not sure how and when that will happen
  • Windows 8.2 sources say Microsoft is not clear. (Previously, it was rumored that Windows 8.1 is a major update once the Windows 8) Thurrott concluded that next year will have a clearer and more attractive than this

expect Microsoft to announce Windows 8.1 RTM status this week

Source: Windows IT Pro



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